Friday, March 31, 2006

He's out

Thanks to Nikki's connections in the Bail Bonds business, Randy is now free on bail. And according to his mom, he is reportedly heated about having to have been in there so long. How he feels about me exactly is not readily known, though you can imagine it's not thoughts of rainbows and butterflies.

I'm fine. I had to take a moment to myself with this information, take some deep breaths, and offer up a quick prayer for strength and protection. But I'm fine. First off, I am in the Lord's hands. Secondly, he'd be pretty dumb at this point to do anything against that restraining order that will land him right back in jail, and jeapordize his fight in the courts. I don't think even he is that dumb. Though he proves me wrong on that one all the time....

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for all their love and support, and for the many prayers that have been lifted up for me and my family. Everyone's been so wonderful, and it's so nice to know that so many people care in those moments when I just feel like giving up and crawling under a rock until it's all over. Believe me, those moments are attacking me! But I am fine. I have strength, and I know where it comes from. For you locals, I'll see you at church on Sunday morning, late service (thanks to good old daylight savings).

Thursday, March 30, 2006


And today I am angry. Tuesday's arraignment went fine. He is stuck in jail with a $25,000 bail. The DA wanted $100,000. But they kept it at $25,000. But today is a second arraignment, because Randy is trying to get the bail reduced, or just be let out on probation. I have to wait to see what the result of that is. And I can't accept the fact that he might be let out.

But I'm feeling really pessimistic about the whole thing in general. I do not see him serving any real time in jail. Sure, he might be stuck there until the court date. But I'm willing to bet that he is let out and just put in some sort of program. And once again, Randy will skate any real punishment and taking responsibility for his actions.

And I am angry about what those kids went through over at his house. Not just this instance, but as a whole. How Randy ignored them, how Nikki emotionally abused them. How much they have suffered as a result. How Summer feels the need to protect her dad through all of this, and is confused over what's going on. How Lucas is an angry child in general, getting in fights and breaking his friends' toys. How they were stripped of being able to live in a loving home at their father's house, and how I chose to be oblivious to the extent of how bad it really was.

Most importantly, I am adamant that the kids will not be going over to their dad's house for quite some time. I filed child custody changes along with the restraining order. And I am fighting for full custody with no visitation, at least until he gets some help. Then I will only accept full custody for me, and supervised visitation for him.


I just got off the phone with Kandy, his mom. She informed me that Randy's bail is not being reduced. Nikki is trying to scrounge up bail money, she needs $2,500. But she just discovered that Randy's last paycheck bounced in the bank. So it looks doubtful that she'll come up with the money. SO for now, the kids and I are safe.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Small update

I spent all day yesterday at the courts filling out paperwork for a temporary restraining order, changes in child custody, and the final paperwork for our divorce. Today I have to serve him. And his arraignment is today. Right now. And it came to my attention yesterday that he might be let out until his court date, or that someone would post bail for him. And now I am really scared. I had been so happy, and then to realize this, I'm worried about what he is going to do if he gets out. I know he is wishing murder on me right now. I'm afraid he will retaliate. And I'm afraid he is going to try and take the kids.

He's so far being charged with brandishing a weapon, brandishing a weapon in front of officers, and child endangerment. They haven't even slapped the domestic violence charges on him last I heard, but it will come up today at the arraignment. And now I just wait. And pray that he remains behind bars and that we remain safe.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Prayer request

Alright, this isn't really a faith post here, but I'm posting this here just to let all of you guys know who read this blog. Randy got arrested yesterday. I had to go to his house to pick up the kids because he'd been drinking. And he was being belligerent and threatening, so I had to involve the police. Long story short, he got threatening with the police, he wouldn't give up the kids and kept them locked up in their room, and a weapon was involved. He finally brought the kids outside, and the kids had to see their dad laid on the ground and arrested. I spent all day yesterday, until late last night, at the police station filling out paperwork and being interviewed by detectives. The kids were wrecks, especially Summer who is very confused about what's going on, feels terribly for her father, and wants desperately to defend him.

Besides that, we are all fine. A temporary restraining order is in place, and on Monday I am filing for a regular one. And I am going forward with custody changes. He will be in jail until his arraignment on Tuesday. Then it will be decided if he will stay in jail, or something else.

Any and all prayers are appreciated, especially for these kids. They're the real victims here, and I feel horribly for them. While the events that have taken place are actually beneficial for Randy to get the help he needs, and for the kids to be safe now, the fact that their dad is in jail, and they had to witness all they did is just devastating.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't you care?!

I couldn't comment on Rick's blog, so I am commenting blog style.....

"...don't you care if we drown?" Mark 4:38

Because we cannot see God face to face, it is hard at times when we are struggling to know if God is concerned about our suffering. And even though we can find comfort in the fact that He sees the bigger picture and the plan He has for us, us meek humans only see the situation at hand and wish to be out of it. "Don't you care?!" I've screamed that more times than I can count. And when I reach the other side, I can see that God was with me the whole time, and He had a plan. And I love that He allows us to question Him even still, even when He always proves to know what He's doing by allowing us our trials.

"Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?" Mark 4:40

I'm trying Lord, I"m trying.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

God is love, and He loves us

I haven't written here in a while. And that fact has not escaped me. But it seems that most of what I want to write here is not stuff that many people want to read. And if this is a public blog, why write things that do not inspire other people's beliefs? But today I will write.

Today my son stayed home from school with a fever. Secretly, I love when he is sick and gets to stay home because I get that one on one time with him. And when he is sick, he wants love and affection, and is just so mellow. I put him down for a nap around noon, and he took a two and a half hour nap, another bonus of him being sick. And during that time, I tried to take one myself, as I'm kind of sick too. But not really being one to nap, I probably nodded off for about 5 minutes, and then spent the rest of the time just thinking as I lay in bed. And soon I found myself thinking about Jesus.

There are a lot of fears I have about religion, and especially belonging to a religion that says they are the only true religion in the world. That takes a lot of moxie to claim such a thing. And yet, religions all over the world claim this to be so about their beliefs. So with all these religions claiming their way is the only way to get to God, well it leaves a lot of confusion and turmoil in its wake. Did you know there are holy wars going on? That they've been going on for hundreds of years? Of course you did. And it makes sense when you think about it, when everyone is fighting that their religion is the one true religion. An Afghanistan man is on trial for converting from Islam to Christianity. He says he still believes in the almighty Allah, but cannot say for sure who God really is. "I am," he says, "a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ." Now he must fight for his life because of what he believes in.

And what makes me sad about this, not to mention that a man might face death over Jesus, but that we as Christians tend to do this, or are accused of this. I'm not talking about condemning a man to death in this life, but condemning others to death in the next life. Christ taught love, he ate with tax collectors. He surrounded himself with sinners. "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Mark 2:17 It is no secret how much trouble I am having with who gets to go to Heaven and who doesn't. If it were my way, we would get into Heaven based on our life and deeds here, not on blind faith. The thing is, I believe in Jesus. I believe in God. And as hard as I try to ignore it, this belief is a part of me and always will be. But what if I had been born Muslim? Would I feel God as Allah, feel it in my whole soul, be able to back it up with miracles in my life, and never know this man they call Jesus as my Savior? If I did hear of Jesus, would I only view Him as a neat guy to maybe model my life after, sort of like a prophet, and not as my Savior? And what scares me is, do I see it this way now?

Right before Lucas woke up, I found myself talking to Jesus, just as I was having these exact fears and doubts. And as I realized that I was praying to Jesus as I simultaneously was fearing what the absolute truth was of Him, the irony did not escape me. And I thanked Him for allowing me the freedom to question Him, and still be with me. And I realized that while I will not condemn others with different beliefs, I can never dispute in my own life who my Lord and Savior is, and I never want to feel what it might be like to not feel Him, hear Him, talk to Him, and feel blessed by Him.

I opened my book, The Barbarian Way, and began trying to catch up in the book that my homegroup had already finished (I think). And in it, the author is inwardly struggling with his son who is questioning God. And the author describes struggle after struggle this preacher's boy is having. At the age of 14, the boy finally tells his dad that if he had not been born a Christian, he probably would not be one. And I sat there open mouthed, reading what a pastor has admitted about his own son in a book available to many. And I was shocked that the members of my own church were encouraging this book that was full of, even just slightly, some controversial and edgy details. It is no secret that I have felt this very way. And I know that while I admit it more than most, everyone goes through these kinds of troubling thoughts, fears, and doubts.

Lucas woke up finally and joined me in my bed as I read. And he asked me if the book I was reading had any pictures. I kind of flipped through and showed him the picture at the beginning of the next chapter. And though I knew that this material would really be no interest to him, I asked him if he'd like me to read to him. I figured if anything, it would give him an excuse to wake up fully and be cuddled, and be soothed just by my voice. He said yes. So I read. And the part I read talked about how in old times, "Barbarians" came in to convert others to Christianity, Roman Catholicism to be exact, and ended up taking the fire out and creating a domesticated church. And it talked about how many churches become more like businesses and teach the law rather than how to have a relationship with God. It talked about God's own revolt 2,000 years ago against Judaism, the religion He created, by changing things through His son, Jesus. It talked about the sins of the church in Jesus' time, how forgiveness was bought to absolve sins. And this was the one time that Jesus went from being gentle and loving, and He became angry and violent. And he urged the church to destroy their temple and just follow God, and that their temple would be built up again in three days time. And that it was fitting when the "Temple of God", Jesus, was destroyed, so was the curtain in the earthly temple, from top to bottom. And as I read this, I wondered just what Lucas was hearing, and if he was getting anything out of this. And part of me even hoped that he was oblivious to the words and was just listening to the voice, as this particular section was really coming down hard on churches. But then I read something amidst all this....

"Anyone who chooses the barbarian way will learn quickly that love and sacrifice cannot be separated. This is perhaps why so many of us who know love fear love. We know that love is not the absence of pain. If anything, love is the promise of pain. No one has loved more deeply than God. Has anyone ever been more betrayed? God would not know suffering if He did not know love. But because He is love, He chose to suffer on our behalf. Without love there is no glory in suffering."

And at this, Lucas looked up at me.

"Mommy, God is love, and He loves us."

And at that, it came back to the simplicity of God, the part we can easily understand when we have a pure relationship with Him. God is love and He loves us. Of all this, this is what my son had heard. I don't have the answers to all the things that trouble me about what I'm being taught about Him. I don't think I even want to know. I would rather live in God's love, share just that and not the condemnation, and accept without guilt those in my life who's beliefs differ from mine.

For God is love, and He loves us.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Easy as 1, 2, . . . 3

(from Chicken Soup for the Soul)

We had gone to a movie, and he was walking me to the door. Just as I was about to go inside, something stopped me and I turned around. He was smiling a little, and the stars in the background twinkled as if to say, "Go for it!" We both leaned in carefully and our lips met. My stomach was doing cartwheels of joy - it was the perfect first kiss.
Wait a minute! That wasn't my first kiss - the last time I've seen anything that flawless was in the movies.
No, my first kiss was not touched by the twinkle of the stars or perfect movie timing, though I had dreamed about it long enough to hope that it would be. In my dreams, my lips met a boy's in perfect sync, our eyes closed and our hearts pulsed together at hyperspeed. Plenty of other girls my age had already started kissing, and they all made it sound so easy. Even though I had imagined all the details of that moment in my mind, I hadn't considered the possibility that I wasn't really ready for the real deal. Instead of imagining it as a personal thing that I would have to grow into, I treasured kissing as a step toward growing up, one that all girls must do at the same age.
I didn't realize how wrong I was until I finally had my first kiss.
My first boyfriend and I were watching a movie. It seemed like the classic setup for a kiss - watching a movie alone with a boy I thought I really liked. So why was I so shocked when he suddenly moved toward me, apparently hoping for more than just a hug? Why did I feel so uncomfortable and unprepared? When my lips met his, it felt like they were fumbling around in the dark, clueless and confused - and I didn't like it.
In my cloud of confusion, I tried to make sense of my feelings. My friends all knew how to kiss and they liked it - at least they made it sound that way. After feeling so unsure about my first kiss, I became scared of trying it again.
Hoping to buy some time over the kissing confusion, I talked to my boyfriend about it. "Maybe we could just take it a little slower," I suggested. I told him I just didn't feel ready to kiss, but it wasn't because I didn't like him. I simply wasn't comfortable with all that lip-locking. He didn't get it - he said he didn't really understand why kissing, of all things, was an issue.
I was shocked. So he was just like the rest, who believed that kissing was something that everyone our age did with no problem. He couldn't believe that I would somehow be uncomfortable with it. I had thought that he was a boy I could trust and be respected by, and I didn't want to change myself or force myself to kiss him just so I could have a boyfriend.
Obviously he didn't want a girl who was honest with him like I was, and so we broke up - which hurt a lot at the time. It made no sense that a boy could like me one minute and then ditch me the next, just because I wasn't ready for kissing. I trusted my feelings though, and I believed that when the time was right, the kissing would be, too.
A few years later, the time was finally right. I had been seeing a new guy who had a different attitude and personality from my first boyfriend. I started to think that maybe not only was the time right for the kiss, but the boy was right, too. After hearing about my kissing phobia, he had not run in the other direction laughing. One night under the stars, while saying good night to him, I noticed that my stomach was no longer telling me No! As I gazed into his eyes, wondering if after we kissed I would feel comfortable about it, he sweetly offered to meet me halfway.
"Emily," he said, holding my hand, "how about this? I'll count to three. I'll just count to three, and we'll kiss."
I smiled and felt relief push me closer toward him. "Okay," I replied.
And then, in the most understanding voice, he counted: "One, two, . . . three." We leaned forward, eyes closed, and we kissed. Instead of looking at him in shock afterward, I wrapped my arms around him. It was the only way I knew to thank him for such a wonderful moment. To know that someone could care about me and respect me enough to go at my pace made me happier than if I had been kissing boy after boy for many years.
The wait for the right kiss had seemed so long, but now I can trust that it was worth it. The kiss we counted out that night was better than the movies and the kisses my friends had been having, because at the heart of it was deep caring and respect.
Finally, when everything seemed right, kissing was as easy as one, two, . . . three.

Written by Emily A. Malloy (Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Hansen and Irene Dunlap)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Here I am Lord, naked before you. Nose to nose. Heart to heart. Your life surrounding mine. Nobody around, no distractions. It's just you and me. Intimate. Feeling. Serene. Holy. I'm laying down my burdens to get as close to you as possible. And though you and I both know that some of those burdens, maybe all of them, will be picked up again by me, just for this moment we are dancing one on one. There is no need for forgiveness right now. There is no need for any of my humble requests of you. It's just you and me, you enjoying your creation, me enjoying my creator. Our breath combined to create one inhale and one exhale. It is here that I am holy, sharing in some small way what you are. I will never consider myself perfect, though in you, I am. To live in this worship forever, to be surrounded in your glory without end, this must be my small glimpse of Heaven. I praise you Lord. Thank you for being big enough to create me, and small enough for me to touch you. I could fall at your feet, but in this moment, you are looking in my eyes and loving me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hell and the non-believer

Thomas, I actually was in debate, throwing out another point of view, on a different and seperate diary of mine. And this was just from that debate. And through that discussion, I shared this:

I am not condemning scripture. And I know I am not a scholar of scripture. I am a child in faith.
How many things in the bible have been changed through translation? This is why sometimes I have a hard time reading the whole bible and claiming it to be the absolute word of God, from beginning to end, because WHAT CAME FROM GOD, AND WHAT CAME FROM MAN, through accidental or deliberate error? I know that the true bible came from God, but it's like a game of telephone. It is repeated and repeated, through language to language, changes made to easily understand it better, then changed more from those translations, until what it ends up being is completely different from what it was originally. I do not believe the bible to be a lie, understand. It is a book of our history, of Jesus, a guide to our way to live. I try to read it every day, and seek guidance from it. But there are definite additions and discrepencies to the word of God.

Yes, I believe that Jesus died on the cross to save us. I believe that those of us with faith will be saved and will join Him in Heaven. It says this multiple times in the bible, and I believe it to be true. I do believe in some sort of hell for those that live their lives in grotesque sinful ways without abandon, and hate against God our father. But I cannot believe that someone who is truly good but raised in a different faith will end up burning in hell. And is hell that? I don't know. Maybe hell, as some people put it, is simply seperation from God. And for those of us who know Him, that IS hell. But what of the person who was already seperated from Him? And then, what of those that honor God, but do not know Jesus? And what of those men and women of the past who lived and died, never once hearing the name of Jesus? And what about babies who die? Are they saved? Do they know Jesus? We don't know. But if they don't, are they damned?

I just can't believe that God would severely punish someone for being born into a situation where their religion is different from Christianity, and to even think otherwise would be considered sinful to them. How many different religions are there out there that condemn other religions entirely, and to think differently would condemn them to death? If we would never think to change our belief in Jesus Christ lest we be sent to hell, how are we to expect those of other faiths to risk damnation through what they've been taught in their lifelong religion to be sinful, and certain to send them to perjury? God placed people in the families they are in, the faiths they are in, the customs they are in. And then he kills them forever for where he placed them? Yes, there is such thing as conversion, but it is too scary for many people to even consider. And some never had the chance.

I share Jesus, whenever I get the chance. I do not hide my faith, and I live by it. But I do not condemn. I live as an unashamed Christian, but I do not shove it down people's throat. My faith is my life, and I talk about it with passion. I hope that there are people who have seen my witness and know Jesus through my life. But I don't hope this for their salvation, I hope this so that they know the joy and peace I feel in my life every day. I am able to handle anything thrown my way because Jesus is there to guide me. Pain, hatred, condemnation, all of it is handled through my Lord. And I want that for others. I think that is the best reason to know Jesus, not for fear of damnation. Through love, faith becomes real.

And to this, a friend put it so eloquently:
"*sigh* this is a tough one.
I can see both sides of the arguments.
I guess we all have to hedge our bets somehow.
It does make me wonder though, did God foresee that these people would be hard of heart and not accept Jesus as their Saviour?
I have to believe that he is just and merciful and I will not judge anyone. We will not be the ones who decides who goes to heaven or hell. That is God's decision. So I'll leave that one with him and concentrate on my faith and getting my life in order :)"

It is perfectly plausible that non-believers are sent to some sort of hell. And I agree that it must break God's heart for people to deny His and/or His son's existance. But it also is so very hard to understand, and to accept from a loving God who creates our existance in the first place.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Last week at church, I was inroduced to the concept of serving in Prison Ministries. Oh sure, I'd heard of it before. But last week, I felt God tugging at me, almost like he was sitting next to me...

Nudge nudge. "Psst, hey Crissi"
"Quiet God, I'm listening to Andy speak."
"Psst, Crissi"
"You should do this."
"What? Me Lord? No, I'm a little too innocent to work with hardened criminals."
"No, seriously. You should do this."
"Lord, no offense here, can you stop talking? I want to listen to this."

And I left the conversation and went on with my week.

Last night, there was good old Andy again. And I was all attention. And the Lord knew I would push him away if he sat next to me again. So he sat Kristie next to me instead.

"Psst Crissi"
"You should do this."
"It's funny, my pull is towards our mission trips to Cambodia. And I don't feel pulled to do this. But if you want to do this, you totally should."
"Um, I'll think about it."
"Well, pray on it, ok?"

Now, I never mentioned to Kristie that this particular calling was being pressed into my soul. Not once. In fact, I haven't talked to Kristie for ages. But it's like she knew. And I never gave her any clue that I was thinking about this.

Later that evening, Lori started talking to me about this, and we both got into a conversation with Andy. And I admitted that I was feeling God telling me to go forward, but I was scared. You see, I'm a pretty trusting person. And I love people. And I see the good in them. But this also leaves me open for being taken advantage of. And I'm afraid that first off, someone I am ministering to will see right through me, will call me on my shit, will tell me I'm full of it. Secondly, I'm afraid that someone will use my sympathy and play on it to take advantage of me. Third, I'm afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone altogether. Fourth, I'm afraid of committing myself to something that may take up more time that I don't have.

But I also know that I am not living up to my beliefs. My belief is that it is not enough to believe. We must do for others. I still stand by my last post, as controversial as it is. (And I know that there is scripture, Jesus' own words, that rebukes my statements. I'd rather not struggle) But I also know that I will share my Jesus to the ends of the earth because life with Him is like being in love a million times over, and everyone should get that opportunity. Everyone should get the opportunity to know what it's like to stand nose to nose with Jesus, singing to him from your soul, and feeling Him intertwined with their whole being. "And it's just you and me, here now. Only you and me here now."

In the Buddhist religion, it is their ultimate goal to one day reach that point of enlightenment, to feel God so close that their very souls are entwined with His. And it is their belief that this is a very difficult task, near impossible, and only the most disciplined Buddhist will ever achieve this. But I experience this. As a Christian, we have that privilege of knowing Jesus in such an intimate way that He envelops us. There are times when I am so "enlightened" (if you will), that I am alone in a room full of worshippers, my eyes closed, and Jesus surrounds me to the point of I don't know where I end and He begins.

Do I dare share this? Do I dare hold the hands of a woman, lost in the world, and tell her the hope and fulfillment and joy and answers she's been seeking is all there for her in a man named Jesus? Am I strong enough? Yes. The Lord is my sword, my shield, my warm blanket to comfort and soothe. With Him, in Him, of Him, I will fulfill his calling on my life, and in the lives of others.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


I know this is going to get me backlash. Please, for those of you who I know are going to comment here saying I am wrong, understand that my faith is not suffering, and even in the Lord we are allowed different views and opinions. And I probably will not respond to any comments on this entry. My blog here, though I hope that it reaches others and inspires them to have faith in God, is not a tool to teach Christianity as law. It is my space to think "outloud". My faith is strong, my heart is glad and rejoices in the Lord, especially with the freedom I have experienced in Him. I am truly in love with the Lord.

What has inspired this post is reading an article by this girl named Julie, all about her messy faith in Christianity. In a lot of ways, she spoke things that I am afraid to talk about in some circles. But I'm tired of being ashamed about my beliefs, feeling like a failure because I have a different point of view on the bible and on Christianity. And a lot of time I feel like a fraud in church because my thinking is so different.

As a Christian, the hardest part to swallow is the fact that we are taught that our loving God will send those to hell that do not believe in Jesus, when it is hard for many to believe the supernatural things that surround Jesus' life (virgin birth, miracles, walking around three days after his death). If I hadn't been born Christian, growing up with the history of Jesus' life, I'm not so sure I'd believe in Jesus myself. So why, when the stories in the bible seem so fantastic, and there are so many religions out there that get to the same place of God, will we go to Hell if we don't believe in Jesus? I just can't buy it anymore. I believe in Jesus, I believe in Him as my Savior, but I do not believe that God really means for non-believers to go to Hell. What if we all go to the same place regardless of our beliefs? What if we are the wrong ones, and are destined to hell because we are not following the "right" religion? What of it then? How, when the ages and man has tampered with religion so very much, are we supposed to know the ins and outs of God and His requirements of our beliefs? Sure, the answer to that could be that we know what is in our hearts, but if this is the only religion that we've ever known? What else would be in our hearts? What if nobody is right about what we are to believe in, and really we all get to the very same place when the end comes?

I'll repeat myself here to remind you that my belief in Jesus is strong. Do not take away from that. But I refuse to teach my child that her Jewish friends and Jewish teacher are going to Hell. I don't want to believe that the man who studied Buddhism and lived a peaceful, loving, and giving life, is going to be tortured after death. I cannot believe that Jesus would force his life on others through threats of fire and damnation. I want people to know Jesus because He loves them so very much, that he died for believers, non-believers, givers, sinners, murderers, homosexuals, Buddhists, Jews, the whole Taliban, everyone. I want them to know Jesus because life with Him as their focus is so much more fulfilling. Not knowing Jesus' love, yes it's unfortunate. I would not want my life without it. But I believe life is about being the best person you can be in everything, and that we all will get to the same place in the end. I'm much freer now.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


When you look at the life Jesus lived…
You don’t find Jesus distracted.
You don’t find Jesus rushed.
You don’t find Jesus worried.
You don’t find Jesus having to do it all.
You don’t find Jesus living with guilt.

-Rob Bell

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Riley Marshall Dillon

Riley Marshall Dillon was born between 6:30 and 6:50 PM. He weighs 9 lbs 2 oz, and is 21 1/2 inches long. Nikki and Riley are doing fine, as far as I've heard. Randy still hasn't called me or the kids with the news (I know he has a lot going on, no worries), but his mom has been keeping me posted throughout the day. Apparently Nikki did get to active labor, and was pushing. But the baby was turned the wrong way, or something, and it was causing nothing to happen. Thus the emergency C-section. But all is good now.

Prayer needed!!!

Nikki, Randy's girlfriend, is in the hospital right now having Summer and Lucas' baby brother. She went in last night to have her cervix softened and dialated. But I just heard from my mother-in-law that at 5 pm today, they decided that the baby just wasn't going to come on its own. I'm not sure if Nikki actually got to labor, though I'm sure she had to experience contractions. Contractions brought on by induction are extremely strong, and they hurt. Now she is going through an emergency C-section. Any and all prayers are needed to put the Lord's blessings and protection on baby Riley and Nikki.

Father Lord, I ask for your gentle hands to guide the surgeon, and to give Nikki strength and take away any fears she might be having right now. I ask for all things to go smoothly with no complications. And Lord, if it is in your will, please speak to Nikki's heart and soothe her hatred of me. Help her understand I wish only peace and happiness for her, and for some sort of friendship to develop between us, for all this to take place so that our stresses will be gone. But mostly, I ask for your all powerful protection over Nikki and the baby, that no stress jeapordizes their health. All this I ask in your name, Jesus Christ, Amen.